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If my house were on fire, my art journals might be the first things I’d go and rescue! You’ll understand WHY, when you go through this Guide.

You’ll also learn:

         ❓ Why on earth would you want to start Art Journalling?
          🎨 What exactly is it anyway?
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(It really doesn’t matter if you think you can’t draw. Spoiler alert: EVERYBODY can!

This Guide is Just What you Need if you...

You want to get back to making art, but just can’t seem to find the time!

You want to draw and paint more, but don’t know where to start!

You’re an artist, and are looking for something to shake up your creative practice! 

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Hi, I’m Shub!

Seven years ago, as a Mom to an infant, holding a full-time corporate job, I did this thing called the 100-day project with a friend. The idea was to draw for 100 days consecutively. I took to writing little notes about my days beside the drawings, and slowly, it became a habit. Before self-care became a hashtag, showing up for ten minutes a day and drawing and reflecting about my day was my #selfcare.
That art journalling practice laid the foundation to me becoming an illustrator, writer, and facilitator today. Through online workshops like Sketchbook Revival and Creative U, and the books on sustainability I’ve written and illustrated, I hope to inspire more people around the world to live and love the slow and sustainable life.
Join me in making art journalling a habit! Because, life is fleeting, and the joy in taking time to appreciate and record the mundane is underrated.

Come, Slow Down With Us!

This could be the nicest thing you’re doing for yourself and your creativity!

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