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Slowing Down Circle

Welcome to Slowing Down Circle! A space where we meet every month and use art journalling to slow down, and also have some fun just playing with our art supplies. I’d love for you to join me on this journey.

Here's Why I Started Slowing Down Circle

To pause, pay attention to what’s going on around us and within us – using art as a tool to record it all!

What's Inside Slowing Down Circle?

  • Monthly Art Dates – Live  journalling sessions online
  • Fun drawing exercises to stretch our creative muscles
  • Weekly email prompts to gently nudge us to keep the creativity habit going
  • A supportive community to connect and grow together with
  • Bonus Bring a Friend/Family member to SDC sessions

Tell me More?

In a nutshell, this membership is really about three things. Using art as  –
  • a tool for introspection
  • a tool for being fully present and observing
  • a means of recordings our lives
  • a medium to just PLAY with and have FUN
… even if you *think* you cannot draw or paint. More details in the FAQs below.


Monthly Plan

USD 21 or Rs 1,650 per month.

Annual Plan

USD 205 or Rs 16500 per annum.

3 Month Plan

USD 58 or Rs 4,500 per month.

Here's what previous workshop participants are saying...

Hello, I'm Shub!

I’m an illustrator, visual artist, writer, and parent to a little human girl and a little feline fellow.

Seven years ago, as a Mom to an infant, holding a full-time corporate job, I did this thing called the 100-day project with a friend. The idea was to draw for 100 days consecutively. I took to writing little notes about my days beside the drawings, and slowly, it became a habit. Before self-care became a hashtag, showing up for ten minutes a day and drawing and reflecting about my day was my #selfcare.

Join me in making visual journalling a habit! Because, life is fleeting, and the joy in taking time to appreciate and record the mundane is underrated!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, this is not an art lesson in the truest sense. Our sessions are all about hands-on implementation. There might be an occasional demo on some techniques but this is not the main focus. Even if you don’t already have a style, with practice, you’ll definitely discover your own style.

We currently have members in Slowing Down Circle across Asia, Europe and US/Canada, so there are two sessions each month, so as to accommodate all time zones. These calls are typically the third Saturday or Sunday of each month, and in the afternoon/evening time for most time zones.

Each call is about 90 minutes long. That gives us time for one creative exercise – which can be 10-30 minutes long, and a couple of prompts to work on. Everyone on the call shares what they made, how they interpreted the prompts (this is a lot of fun!) and we then wrap up.

A prompt is a cue or an idea for you to write and draw about. Examples – 
What was the last nice thing you did for yourself? Draw and write about it.’ Or  ‘Closely observe an object you use every day and draw it. Don’t worry about making it perfect.’

A drawing exercise is usually a fun drawing activity that is used to loosen up, stretch your creative muscles, and usually doesn’t have any fixed outcome or expectation. In the sessions so far, we’ve done things like collage, printing with potato-stamps, contour drawings etc. 

Besides a good internet connection, you will need a notebook or a sketchbook and your favourite art materials. Pens, colour pencils, markers, paints – collage works too. No stress, the aim is to have fun. When we need any special material, the list will be emailed to you in advance.

u will have access to the recording. But really, since we’re all about slowing down and making time for ourselves, we highly encourage you to take those 90 minutes out for yourself, just once a month!

You can write to us and cancel any time you like. You can also pause your subscription for up to two months on an annual plan if things are busy for you.

Yes, if you’re on an annual plan, you can write to us, and we’ll put your membership on hold. You can do this up to two times in a year, and up to a total of two months.

Absolutely. The Slowing Down Circle isn’t about skill at all. We’re only using the medium of art and text for reflection.

Doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be able to draw ‘well’. Give it a spin, you will love it!

Come, Slow Down With Us!

This could be the nicest thing you’re doing for yourself and your creativity!

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